Stetching is more than improving your range of motion. Tight muscles can lead to body aches, injury, and even joint pain.

Every fitness routine should incorporate stretching routines that are appropriate for body and lifestyle habits. Braxton’s Personal Training Programs take information from your fitness assessment to build a stretching program sepcific to YOUR body and lifestyle.

Sitting for long periods at a time can lead to 2 muscle groups becoming tight and 2 muscle groups becoming weak- leading to lower back pain. Leaning over a desk, typing on a computer, can round your shoulders and contribute to forward head posture. It’s important to stretch your chest and strengthen your back to correct this.

Personal Training- Stretching for seated Jobs

LOWER BACK TENSION/ Approximately 6 Minutes

These stretches are designed for the relief of muscular low back pain and are also good for relieving tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Fir best results do them every night just before going to sleep. Hold only stretch tensions that feel good to you. Do not overstretch.

Personal Training- Stretching for Lower Back

Are you regularly stretching?

These stretches HAVE to be done to maintain a healthy skeletal-muscular system, especailly if you’re working out. Are you getting them in? Schedule a free consultation to see what YOUR body needs.